Heavy loads – easily moved

Suspended loads pose a great potential hazard in production environments. Tailor-made LOXrail® transport systems can minimize that risk.

Heavy-duty transport

Transportation of heavy loads always affects the entire production hall. Overhead cranes have to carry the loads, and the architecture must be able to accommodate the forces. In contrast, a floor-level transport system does not affect a building's support structure, but the loads are absorbed by the floor structure.

LOSYCO plans and implements such transport systems for heavy loads based on the LOXrail® systems. Trained personnel install the systems in existing or newly built halls.

Interfaces to overhead cranes

In some factories, cranes are an absolute necessity. There is often the need to connect two crane runways. LOSYCO has the right solution, based on its LOXrail® intra-logistics rail system. With rails connecting two factory bays, standard trolleys can carry workpieces from one crane track to the other.