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We are the specialists for one source logistical concept using lean manufacturing methods. The team of LOSYCO has over 30 years of experience in providing advice, implementing and operating in the special field of production logistics. Our close cooperation with universities sets into harmony the most recent scientific conclusions with the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

In cooperation with partners out of universities and the industry we develop with our high level of consulting capability in cooperation with your team the path to the "perfect plant"; keeping in mind the motto "better 80% now, than 100% in five years’ time".

Reasons to deal with the Lean-Production subject:

  • Customer orientation instead of capacity utilization orientation
  • Increase of efficiency in production by avoiding waste (MUDA)
  • Inventories and throughput times can be reduced by 30 - 50%.
  • Process efficiency (PWG) increases, as does liquidity
  • Better planning through transparent manufacturing processes
  • Delivery dates for customers can be reliably planned
  • Far too often, the sole aim is to reduce costs without focusing on process optimization
  • The requirement for employees is to take a customer and process view - not only externally, but also to the "internal customers".
  • Lift slumbering potentials through GEMBA: Problems can be made visible directly on site

Methodology examples of Lean Production:

The 5S-method is a systematical approach to design the own workstation and works environment to be able to optimally concentrate on the value adding operating activities. The objective of the 5S-method is, either to eliminate or minimize with a well-structured works environment the non-productive activities i.e. the 7 kinds of wastage. 

5S Method

7 kinds of Waste