for production machines

LOSYCO offers complete trolleys based on the LOXrail® system for material provision to production machines. This includes loading/unloading equipment for:

  • laser cutting systems
  • welding cells and welding systems (laser welding, robot welding)
  • measuring machines such as coordinate-measuring machines and measuring bridges
  • winding machines in the paper and film industry



Precise, repeatable positioning

→ Trolleys can be securely locked in a position
→ Trolleys can be lowered onto leveling points for extremely high accuracy

Flush with the factory floor

→ No stumbling blocks; workers can stand on the rails
→ Rails can be crossed with pallet jacks and forklift trucks

Low rolling friction

→ Push trolleys are easy to move
→ Energy-efficient, low-power drives available

Easy cleaning of the rails

→ Dirt does not mean an immediate functional restriction

Turns and junctions are possible, allowing for both frontal and lateral loading


→ Motorized solutions with integrated control
→ Control interfaces to the system
→ Safety concepts according to plant specifications