Custom-made and reliable

Process planners tasked with designing an assembly line concept for large and heavy machines often face the question of which transport technology is right for this particular assembly line. LOSYCO uses its proprietary floor rail system to enable line production of medium and heavy-weight products as well as overly large assemblies.

The advantages of line assembly or production are well known in many companies. Breaking up the assembly process into various individual steps and organizing them in a one-piece-flow production line are central methods in establishing the perfect factory. Once planning has been completed, the logistics concept has to be implemented in real life.

Choosing transport systems that can accommodate entire machines or large assemblies is often a major problem. LOSYCO is committed to identifying and offering the best economic solution.

Advantages of the LOXrail® system in flow production

  • High payloads – minimal rolling resistance: you can manually move even heavy loads and need no complex drive systems.
  • If the weight is too heavy for manual operation, trolleys can be shifted with movers or directly equipped with drive systems.
  • Workers can cross and use the entire area of the assembly line.
  • Even pallet jacks and forklift trucks can cross the track.
  • Junction systems allow "problem cases" to be removed from the line during assembly.
  • Maximum reliability and minimum maintenance requirements mean maximum availability of the system.
  • Customized transport trolleys provide maximum flexibility in the selection and layout of the system.