Rail-based material flow systems for your shop floor

Easy integration, low cost, low energy demand

Based on our LOXrail® floor rail system, we realize intra-logistics projects in various industries.

Our full-scale solutions are customized to suit all your needs from planning to construction and installation. The versatile system includes various trolleys and transport platforms, turntables, conveyors, and drive systems.


  • Flush with the factory floor: no obstacles or tripping hazards in the workspace
  • Minimized rolling resistance: easy moving of loads weighing several tons by hand, without auxiliary power
  • Low-wear: wheels and rails profiles are perfectly matched and replaceable if damaged
  • Adaptable rail layouts to suit any production line and factory topography with and without rail junctions
  • Electric onboard drives (battery, cable rollers, or inductive energy supply) enable rail transport for even the heaviest loads
  • Complete lines are moved by means of line conveyors
  • Standardized trolleys for loads up to 40 tons
  • Customizable trolleys and skids for your machines
  • Heavy-duty vehicles for heavy goods that are to be moved safely even without an overhead crane


Rail types

LOXrail® 25

LOXrail® 25 for low to medium load ranges (up to 10 tons for manual operation, up to 20 tons with auxiliary drives)

LOXrail® 40

LOXrail® 40 for higher load ranges (up to 40 – 60 tons)