Transport trolleys for every application

Our starting point – your component

We analyze the parts, assemblies, or machines to be transported before we design the load carriers according to criteria such as

  • Payloads and load point

  • Ergonomics

  • Clearance along the line

  • Dimensions of transported goods

  • Dimensions of transported goods

  • Required accessibility


In addition to simple trolleys for linear transport, multi-directional trolleys and customized turntables are available.

Based on standard components, we design and manufacture individual trolleys and transport platforms with different crossover concepts. Whether standardized or customer-specific models – our trolleys are always tailored to the particular rail system.

Trolleys for all directions


  • The innovative rotary function of the wheelsets enables a change of direction
  • Suitable for applications that demand considerable flexibility
  • Junctions and "inline" rotation of trolleys without turntables

Losyco multi-directional trolleys

  • Change of direction enabled by liftable wheelsets
  • Trolleys feature two sets of wheelsets for longitudinal and transverse travel
  • Ideal for line layouts with many crossover sections and a low number of trolleys

Standard trolleys

  • Basic trolleys for straight lines without junctions
  • Number of wheelsets according to payloads
  • Available with stoppers
  • Customized attachments, supports, linings

Precision-positioning trolleys

  • The integrated lifting function allows trolleys to be lowered onto specially developed leveling points
  • High positioning precision
  • Maximum repeatability for positioning your assemblies
  • Used in (laser) welding systems and measuring cells

Automatic trolleys and carts

In addition to manually driven trolleys, LOSYCO also builds trolleys and carts with onboard automatic drives. These are suitable for applications with high payloads or those that demand a high degree of automation.

  • Power supply to the trolleys is realized via energy guiding chain, cable drum, battery, or inductive technology
  • Safety concept based on the respective project requirements: monitoring of routes either as an integrated trolley function or ensured by external measures
  • Optional integration into plant control systems or independent control of trolleys