Unique solution designed by LOSYCO

Innovative turning system for intra-logistics on rails

The AllRounder is a solution for a quick change of direction and the rotation of workpieces on the LOXrail® intra-logistics rail system.

Due to the special wheel construction, the direction of travel of the steerable platform can be changed without any further mechanics in the factory floor. For on-the-spot rotation, special crossover sections with a circular running surface can be integrated in the track.

The AllRounder steerable platforms are individually adapted and specially designed to the customer's needs.


  • Low-profile platforms: minimum height of 145 mm is realizable
  • No parts in motion in the floor such as track switches or turnstiles: therefore particularly robust, reliable and dirt resistant
  • Considerable reduced installation effort and flexible adaption to various plant layouts
  • No separate media supply such us compressed air or similar necessary


  • Payload up to 15 tons per trolley
  • Individual size of the trolleys in length and height adapted to the size of your workpiece
  • Direction change either mechanically or with linear actuators
  • Possibility to turn the trolley and workpiece on defined positions