Two new LOXrail® lines for vehicle and machine builders

LOSYCO announces the successful completion of two major projects for heavy-duty transport in Austria and the Czech Republic. The intra-logistics specialist has installed its LOXrail® system with a 25 mm shaft diameter in the new factories of two well-known companies. Heavy assemblies – driver's cabs and machine tools respectively – are now moved along the assembly line on tracks laid in the factory floor. The innovative, durable, low-maintenance LOXrail® system is characterized by high cost-effectiveness both at purchase and during its lifetime. The track layout can be flexibly adapted to existing local conditions, without elaborate structural modifications.

"Our customer in Vienna converted a warehouse into a production facility, and the assembly line was set up in the shape of a rectangle," says LOSYCO managing director Manuel Granz. "Such a non-linear routing of the track is no problem for us. We integrated junctions and fitted trolleys with two sets of wheelsets for longitudinal and transverse travel." While the trolleys carrying loads weighing several tons are pushed by hand in this particular facility, LOSYCO has installed an automatic drive solution in its second current project. The assembly platforms are continuously moved forward along the line, centimeter by centimeter, with a tow bar drive.

"Both projects show how economical transport technology keeps investment and installation costs within a manageable range and also allows manufacturers of bulky and heavy products to profit from flow production methods. Machine and plant engineering companies can significantly increase their operation's efficiency through clocked production organization, which enables faster turnaround, increased throughput, and transparent process and material planning."