Tested and proven

LOXrail®: new assembly line on a winning track

The project

We have installed our LOXrail®  system in the new assembly line of a leading manufacturer of process equipment for the beverage industry. The assemblies are manually pushed from one station to the next, using specially adapted trolleys that run on LOXrail® intra-logistics rails installed in the hall floor. The installation of the LOXrail® system went hand in hand with a fundamental overhaul of the entire production logistics , which, among other measures, comprised the introduction of efficient line-production methods, the conversion of the material supply system to Kanban, and just-in-time supply of assemblies directly to the assembly line.

The installation

We laid 50 meters of track to connect all stations in the new production line, installing two 25 mm wide LOXrail®  shafts in prepared slots in the floor. The uneven floor proved to be a challenge. Therefore, the first necessary step was to mill the expanse of the assembly line down to the first reinforcement. We could then cast a new concrete base and position the rails, achieving a tolerance of +/-1 mm per 5 m in length. Afterward, we laid new screed and aligned the floor with the rail level. This was to ensure that the rails are perfectly flush with the floor and do not pose an obstacle for employees or trolleys.

The special features

Each assembly is transported through the production line on a pair of trolleys. We custom-designed these trolleys specifically for this application. Angles mounted on the trolleys facilitate the loading of assemblies onto the trolleys, ensure precise centering, and hold the modules in place throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, our engineers equipped the trolleys with locking bolts, accessible from the side of the track. These allow the trolleys to be securely fixed in place. For this purpose, there are sockets embedded in the hall floor at each assembly station. The trolleys are designed for a payload of 2.5 tons. They feature two coupling rods. The coupling system allows all trolleys to be hitched together to form a conveyor train that can be towed by electric truck.

The success

Working in close coordination with the client, we optimally adapted our system to the specific requirements of the project during the planning and construction phase in order to accomplish the installation precisely and quickly. After a short installation time, our customer was able to put the system into operation within a week. The associated changeover of production logistics was very successful and resulted in significantly reduced throughput times and assembly times along with consistently high production quality.