Handling is a ubiquitous task in the industrial sector. In all manufacturing processes, there are goods, materials, and product flows that need to be controlled. Handling includes the transport as well as the storage, transshipment, picking, sorting, packing, and distribution of parts and products. Typical handling equipment includes robots, grippers, conveyors, sorters, palletizers, packaging machines, and warehouse automation systems.


Intra-logistics seek to achieve efficient in-house handling of materials, parts, and intermediate products. Intra-logistics is a recently invented term: it was coined in 2004 to distinguish in-house logistics from goods and product transport by courier companies. Intra-logistics comprises the organization, execution, and optimization of in-house material flow in industrial, trade, and commercial facilities. Various conveyor technologies are available for setting up transport systems and entire conveyor lines. With an increasing degree of automation in production, continuous conveyors and systems for permanent operation with rails as well as roller, belt, and chain conveyors are proving to be more adequate than pallet trucks and overhead cranes.

Conveyor systems

We are intra-logistics specialists. We advise customers on the selection of suitable conveyor systems and customize intra-logistics solutions based on our versatile range of conveyor system modules. Our portfolio includes belt conveyors ranging in width from 100 mm to 1200 mm. Designed for transportation of medium heavy loads over stretches of up to 16 m, they are available with different drive types and power transmissions. Chain conveyors – available with head, center, or coupling drives – are an ideal choice for vertical or horizontal transportation and for winding lines. These are also available with stainless-steel profiles for hygienically demanding applications. We supply steel, galvanized-steel, and PVC roller conveyors with or without drive systems. Preferred for storage and logistics applications, these transport systems feature adaptable aluminum frames by which means line layouts can be flexibly implemented as required.

Heavy-load transport

Launching LOXrail, we have introduced an economic rail transport system that enables efficient line production of large machines and work pieces. LOXrail is available in two sizes with rail diameters of 25 mm and 40 mm. Goods loaded on standard or custom-made trolleys are safely transported and accurately positioned. Thanks to the optimized wheel profile, even assemblies weighing several tons can easily be moved by hand or with the help of a small auxiliary drive. The floor-level rails never get in the way of workers and are no obstacle for rolling racks, cleaning machines or any other mobile machines.

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