Underfloor intra-logistics system

The LOSYCO team of intra-logistics specialists creates handling solutions based on the LOXrail® system that helps machine and plant engineering companies streamline production processes.

The rails designed for payloads of several tons, the line layout, and the drive solution are adapted to the requirements of a particular operation. Optionally, the entire system can be installed in the hall floor to implement mobile assembly lines for one-piece flow. Working for a machine tool builder, LOSYCO recently developed a drive concept with an especially low installation height to realize just such a solution. An underfloor pull-bar system that spans the entire assembly line is powered by a chain conveyor installed at the end of the line. A tow conveyor pulls the bulky assembly platforms from station to station.

After each move, the system is retracted to the original position and again coupled to the platforms. This enables seamless flow production throughout all stages and allows assembly teams to move freely, unobstructed by the underfloor intra-logistics system. "This special in-floor solution illustrates the high degree of variability of our LOXrail® system," says LOSYCO Managing Director Manuel Granz.

The system comes with 25 mm or 40 mm rail diameters and includes intersections and turntables for a flexible adaption of the line to any shop-floor layout. The transport platforms run on smooth wheelsets with single or double rollers to accommodate payloads from 16 kN to 100 kN per wheelset. Due to the particularly low-friction wheel profile, machine tools and other very heavy goods are safely transported and accurately positioned. In applications requiring more power, LOSYCO equips the LOXrail® system with electric or pneumatic movers, batteries, cable reels, or inductive drive technology.

LOSYCO has developed an underfloor drag conveyor system for LOXrail one-piece flow assembly lines.

LOSYCO has developed an underfloor tow conveyor for LOXrail® one-piece flow assembly lines.