Safe stop at the end of the production line

LOSYCO now equips its LOXrail® system with newly developed end stops.

LOSYCO now equips its LOXrail® system with newly developed end stops.

These modules are mounted at the end of a track to ensure trolleys will stop in a safe way without jamming up. Plastic buffers slow down the trolley wheels and also prevent derailment. An end plate prevents axial displacement of the rail shaft. Because of their particularly installation-friendly design, the new end fittings can be attached to the track in seconds. Stops and intra-logistics rails are installed level with the factory floor in one piece. They are precisely positioned and fixed with cast concrete. All this takes very little time since there is no need for drilling holes and affixing anchors or screws. Plastic buffers and plates can be easily replaced when they are worn out.

Machine and equipment builders and other manufacturers will find LOXrail® to be an economical and extremely sturdy solution for transporting heavy and bulky parts. The installation of this rail system generally requires no structural changes to a facility. That makes it highly suitable for streamlining processes and implementing one-piece flow production almost anywhere where heavy parts are involved, even if the number of manufactured units is small and individual assembly steps are labor-intensive and require a lot of material. The track layout can be flexibly adapted to the floor plan of a plant, since crossings and switches are part of the LOXrail® program. The system design ensures that people, pallet jacks, rolling shelves, or cleaning machines are never tripped up.

The new LOXrail® end fittings smoothly decelerate and stop trolleys. The intra-logistics rail system is flush with the hall floor and poses no obstacle.