Lean Production

Lean production and lean manufacturing are collective terms for a range of quality and production optimization methods and processes that originated in the Japanese automotive industry and are now widely used around the world. Lean production covers the entire value chain and all manufacturing steps including material and tool management. By streamlining all corporate processes, manufacturers aim to increase the added value and seize on savings potentials.

The pull principle

Lean production is based on the pull principle: production is driven by the customer and market demand. Time, resource, and material commitments depend on the order volume rather than on capacity utilization. Just-in-time supply, production, and shipment reduces the rate of tied-up capital and lowers warehousing and operating costs.

Flow production and quality assurance

Standardized processes in one-piece flow production or assembly line production allow for time- and cost-efficient allocation of production steps to individual stations. With station-oriented logistics, it is very transparent which components and materials are needed where and at what time. Production flaws, material shortage, and any delays can be immediately identified and quickly remedied. Wasteful factors such as avoidable walks, latencies, refinishing, or missing material that must be requisitioned are systematically eliminated. Continuous quality checks, immediate corrections, and a reduction of the reject rate increase production quality.

Delivery reliability

By setting up ergonomically optimized assembly stations, each equipped for a particular task, the production process can be streamlined and added value can be augmented. Cycle times can be accelerated and throughput increased with a set-up that takes up less space. One-piece flow with regular cycle times enables faster on-time completion of customer orders. Long-term planning of throughput times and output ensure excellent production and delivery reliability.


Lean production can be implemented even in sectors where material- and labor-intensive production steps require long cycle times – provided that there are suitable conveyor systems. A specialist for lean production and intra-logistics, LOSYCO offers vouchers to small and medium-sized enterprises for a free evaluation of their production optimization potential, including a benchmark comparison with over 70 industry-specific competitors. During the plant inspection, we evaluate the workplace equipment and lighting, the production design, material flow and intra-logistics, production control, and warehousing.

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