Chain conveyors

Continuously running chain conveyor systems are suitable for intermittent transport of various kinds of goods. Conventionally, chain conveyors consist of at least two parallel chains that run on guide rails, moving heavy loads or workpiece carriers.

Link chain conveyors

Flexible link chains are particularly suitable for variable conveyor lines with tight curves to enable horizontal and vertical transport of solid goods. If necessary, the transported goods can be stabilized by guide rails mounted alongside the track in curves. The systems are driven by electric motors, which typically feature two drive speeds, a crawling speed and a moderate main speed.

Areas of application

Because of their flexible, space-saving design, link chain conveyors are used in various industry sectors. Among other things, they are employed for installing production lines, connecting assembly workstations, buffering, and generally for transporting goods to wherever is necessary. Typical application areas are packaging, repackaging, and labeling machines, as well as inspection stations, and shipping departments. For use in hygienically sensitive areas, for example in the pharmaceutical and food industries, non-corrosive, easy-to-clean systems are required.

Flexible conveyor chains

We offer link chain conveyors with precision-formed Multiflex plastic links, which ensure high flexibility for routing lines. The systems are optionally available with aluminum profiles or hygienic profiles made of stainless steel. We customize conveyors for dedicated applications and supply them ready for installation. Our product range comprises conveyor chains in standard widths of 80 mm, 140 mm, and 180 mm. With these, goods up to 400 mm wide can be transported over distances of up to 30 m. The modular systems are very easy to install and very maintenance-friendly. They can be mounted without any special tools.

Complete material logistics

Based on a wide modular range of conveyor system components, we plan and design integrated, bespoke production and material logistics solutions. Our conveyor systems and modules are highly compatible with belt, chain, link, and roller conveyors. This allows for flexible and economic system layouts that precisely meet customer specifications. We are thereby able to configure and implement application-specific automation and logistics concepts with minimal installation effort.

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