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Welcome to the website of the LOSYCO GmbH

Introducing a capable company with vast experience in the field of production logistics

"Bank on high quality and increased yield with reduced costs!"

Many small and medium, but also some large machine tool companies are still using common methods of process control with "Standalone Island" or "Nest" manufacturing.

Our goal is to provide alternative means to improve the efficiency and throughput by using simple and new synchronized flow assembly concepts.

Beside shortened lead-in times you will benefit from a reduction in "Working Capital" and increased "Cash flow".
Our portfolio will be supplemented by layout concepts and detailed design of all necessary production equipment (logistic and material handling) down to program and "turn-key" management.


LOSYCO relies on its round rail system. The LOXrail® system from LOSYCO is the perfect rail system for easy and safe handling of your machines and workpieces in the medium and high load ranges.

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Material Logistics

LOSYCO will provide your company with the appropriate materials, workplace equipment and the necessary safety cladding and noise protection equipment. LOSYCO also designs, constructs, manufactures and assembles complex customer-specific solutions.

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LOSYCO feels, according to its motto "One Source Lean Manufacturing Systems", as part of the team and helps with its experience and its products to implement the various projects holistic, cost-effective and efficient.

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LOXrail® Product Catalogue

Our LOXrail® Product Catalogue can be found under the link or in the download area.
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Underfloor intra-logistics system


Based on the LOXrail® system, the LOSYCO team of intra-logistics specialists creates handling solutions that help machine and plant engineering companies streamline production processes.

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